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Quality – Machine Tools
Trigon believes in offering quality machine tools to its customers to meet their expectations of productivity improvement and cost reduction. The tools marketed by Trigon are among the top ranked products in their respective field. Our success and growth continues as a result of our desire to provide customers with the very latest, most efficient metal cutting technology in the world.

With the view to offer the new generation machine tools, we are always looking for technically advanced products from around the globe to introduce to our customers. The feedback from customer is the key to identify the need for a new product or technology.
Quality – Services
At Trigon, we believe in being an independent technical-marketing company. For this purpose, we work closely with our principals for regular product training and trouble-shooting guidelines and keep our team of application engineers abreast with the latest development in machine tool industry. Our dedicated team of application engineers is always available to offer technical proposals for machining applications and meet the challenges of product performance at the customer end. The objective is to work closely with the customer to meet his satisfaction in terms of product quality and productivity improvement.

We always strive to meet the challenges of minimum lead time in procuring the tools and delivering it to the customer in the shortest possible time frame. At Trigon, we focus on maintaining sufficient inventory levels, have a well coordinated customer support division and use extensively the modern day communication tools. The company has invested in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to keep track of all material movement and customer coordination to ensure top quality services to our customers.
Quality – Teamwork
At Trigon, we believe our people are the single most important factor for our existence and growth. And it is the teamwork that combines all individual efforts of different people in different departments that forms the core of our success. As they say, results of collective efforts are always more that sum of individual efforts. Employees in each department work collectively and support each other in their respective functions to meet the targets of inclusive growth.

We believe in working as a team with our principals and customers to develop a long term mutually beneficial relationship. The objective is to focus on all round development – benefits for the employees, customers, principals and the company, to make the relationship sustain and grow.

The basic human philosophy of honesty, loyalty and integrity is the core of the relationship that we have with our employees, customers and principals.
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