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Ever since its beginning in 1963, Speroni has always applied the precision by design motto in all its work; each and every product that leaves its factory incorporates this. The development of Speroni product is based on the fact that its systems are means of production and as a result it has to produce tangible economic advantages for its customers.

After more than 50 years in the development and manufacturing of Tool Presetting and Measuring systems and of Inspection Robots (CMMs) for the geometrical measurement of machined parts in a shop floor environment, Speroni is still convinced that it has to continue to maintain the quality and originality of its solutions guided by the needs of its customers.

STP Magis

no better & easier way to improve your process
The new STP MAGIS generation of tool presetting and measuring system has revolutionized the value of entry level tool measurement. The innovative MAGIS control delivers all of the needed measuring features and functions in a user friendly, clean and trouble-free single screen user interface.

As for all of the SPERONI Tool Presetting & Measuring Systems, the structure of MAGIS is completely made of aged pearlitic cast iron in order to guarantee the best thermal stability.

Contrasting most presetter designs, the homogeneous structure of MAGIS resolves all of those issues one encounters on systems which use light alloys and/or granite that have a different and unstable reaction to changes in the temperature and the environment.

Homogeneity is a key design element which has been proven on SPERONI systems for now over 50 years and in the metalworking field for even longer.
  Homogeneous structure
  Compact size
  Unparalleled precision
  Heidenhain® glass scales
  Schneeberger® linear guideways
  Sony® CCD cameras
  Marcel Aubert® optics
  Festo® Pneumatics
  Brand PC based controls
  SPERONI original spindle system
  Unrivaled price/performance ratio
  Manual operation, automatic mechanical clamping, cnc spindle
  Data output (post processor) and network connection
The solid design, together with Speroni's excellence in manufacturing, eliminates the need for frequent recalibration due to changes in temperature during the work shift; as well as guaranteeing the precision and repeatability of your system year after year. Due to this fact, software compensation – as offered by other presetter manufacturers – is not needed in order to compensate for misalignment.
rapid axis movement precision ground integrated spindle calibration edge ergonomically
designed X axis and Z
axis fine adjustmen
designed LCD monitor support arm
industrial grade
controls for the spindle disk brake system

Heidenhain® glass
scales, Schneeberger® guideways

  Single window graphical interface
  Flying crosshair
  45X standard magnification
  Over 150 measuring icons
  Tool management for 1,000 tools
  Adapter & zero point management
  Print management
  Dial indicator and run-out functions
  MaxP function
  Full screen function & zoom to 120X
  Base Post Processor
  Data backup function
  Autofocus function
The new MAGIS control is the most intuitive and easy to use vision
system on the market today.
The new EDGE 2.0 PC-based control and image processing system is the complete upgradable control for tool management, user management, tool inspection and CAM interfacing. The new EDGE PRO control is the most intuitive and easy to use vision system on the market today.
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Technical Data: Standard Eqipment:
snap gage max Ø max H
MAGIS 400 50 mm 350 mm 400 mm
MAGIS 500 50 mm 350 mm 500 mm
MAGIS 600 50 mm 350 mm 600 mm
  integral spindle high precision
  spindle disk brake
  integrated calibration master
  fine adjustment X & Z axis
  precision +/- 2µ
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